Parametric cube structure composition

Exploration of parametric random cube composition

Define a cube

Use the Populate3D component to randomly generate points within the existing cube. 

Now, use those points to generate new random cubes with the OcTree component. Change the number of cubes by adjusting the count parameter in the Pop3D and adjust the seed number to generate a different set of random cubes composition. 

Note: Use the boolean toggle to create boxes that step out of the original cube bounds.

Use the Box component to define the geometry, then decompose the cube composition by using the DeBrep component, then use the Pipe component to create a grid structure.


Split and shuffle the collection of cubes by using the Jitter and SplitList component. Jitter parameters will shuffle the collection of boxes, while the SplitList component will create two cubes lists. You can use this to cull the composition. You will end up with two sets of cubes and the overall grided piped composition.